Авиаперевозки SDI и морские перевозки

Авиаперевозки SDI и морские перевозки

Авиационные перевозки и морские перевозки SDI

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SDI is offering air freight service mainly from Hongkong,Guangzhou, Shanghai,Beijing,Shenzhen to worldwide. Our air services including booking space, agency service for custom clearance,inland trucking, lashing & amp; packing of cargo. In addition, taking advantage of her location in shenzhen, SDI can collect the cargo from different cities within mainland China and move to Hongkong airport to load the cargo on flight from Hongkong, for cheap air freight and easy handling.

shipping by air

Сеть морских перевозок.

1.Over 100 direct port calls in china weekly

2.Fast transit times and improved connectivity to various coastal ports

3.Comprehensive inland transport options and network across china

4.Enhanced intermodal service to a wide range of river ports along the Yangtze River and in ther pearl River & nbsp;

Sea Freight services (2)

Мы можем:

1. Выбор двери - до - двери или аэропорта - до - службы аэропорта

2.EXW, FOB, DDU, DDP service

3.Export License

4.custom declaration & amp; Import custom clearance

5.Both Freight prepaid and collect service

6.Options of Direct air flight and transshipment

7.Air Cargo consolidation

8.National wide pickup for air freight

9.Warehousing service

10.Drop shipping service;

11.Supply of Certificate of Origin (C/O), Form E, Form A

12.Cargo Insurance,

13.Daily tracking Report for all air shipments

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